What Is The Literal ‘Bonsai Definition’

Bonsai Defination

Often Misspelled But Always Recognized

The word ‘Bonsai’ is often misspelled as bonzai or banzai. The bonsai defination is actually a Japanese term which literally translated means ‘planted in a container’. This art form is derived from an ancient Chinese horticultural practice, part of which was redeveloped under the influence of Japanese Zen Buddhism.

The art of growing Bonsai Trees has been around for well over a thousand years. The goal of growing a Bonsai Tree is to create a miniaturized, realistic form of nature in a tree. Bonsai Trees are not genetically dwarfed plants but in fact, any tree species that can be used to grow.


What Exactly Is a Bonsai Tree

Most commonly kept under four feet, the Bonsai Defination is not genetically dwarfed plants. However, plants with smaller leaves do make these compositions easier to design. In fact, any plant species that has a woody stem or trunk and grows true branches can be successfully grown in a container to restrict it’s roots production and food storage capability.

Look around at your trees, bushes, hedges and plants. Essentially, any of them can be starter material for a Bonsai Tree. Collect your treasures during the appropriate growing or dormant season. Most native plants can then be grown outdoors but keep in mind that some plants need at least some protection from the elements in the temperate zones.


Bonsai Tree Classifications

The ultimate goal of growing a Bonsai Tree is to realistically create a snopshot of nature. As a Bonsai Tree gets smaller it increasingly becomes abstract. That means that it doesn’t really represent nature as it exists in our every day lives.

Several classifications of Bonsai have been put forward, and although the exact size classifications are disputed, they help to gain understanding of the aesthetic and botanical aspects of Bonsai. The classifications are originally based on the number of men needed to lift the actual tree.

Bonsai Tree Care usually does not require fertilizing during the winter months because the plant only likes to be fertilized in the spring and summer at a rate of every four or so weeks.


Why Is The Bonsai Defination

The literal Bonsai Defination is the representation of life and the balance that Mother Earth has to offer. They require a delicate balance of sunlight and water in order to survive. Strong and plentiful, they provide the material for shelter as well as so many other committees that we so much need.

Nearly always representative of some type of protection, Bonsai Trees offer some type of protection because they are strong and able to withstand many adversities. They representate life as in the tree of life. They are a life source for all of us as well as other plants but they require a source of nutrition in order to continue thriving… that’s where you came in.

A Bonsai Tree plays a particular large role in the symbolism of life. It represents a constant balance and harmony in nature. They are also often associated with simplicity and the beauty that simple things can provide, whether in a display setting or in nature.

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